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These are Jussi Ristilä's web pages. These pages contain stuff and stories mostly related to my hobbies and other interests.

These pages are third version of my personal web pages. The first version resided at Tampere University of Technology. The first version was mostly a link list. Second version was at TU as well. Second version was made in 1998, when I applied for jobs after two years of studies. I thought web pages might be a good way to tell about myself and my background, in addition to the formal job application. And my pages were actually read by my employer!

This third version of my pages was born when I decided to register a domain for my personal email and web pages. It was summer 2002, and it was time to transfer those services from university. At the same time I felt it was time to give a face lift to my pages, too. This is the result, mostly taken quite stabile form by now. And still mostly in finnish, unfortunately.

I hope you find something interesting here. There are stories about stuff I am interested in. I believe there are other people interested in same kind of stuff. Perhaps something will start a discussion. Any comments are welcome!

In Hiking Stories part you can find lots of pictures from Finnish nature reservates. Click the thumbnails and skip the finnish text. :o)

In gallery you can find some pictures from my other interest areas and (business) trips. I try to take camera with me whenever I travel, and most of the time I can squeeze in some photography to my otherwise tight schedules.

My email address is webmaster@ristila.com. I hope you found something interesting here. Tell me about it!


Happy surfing at my pages!


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